Twitter for introverts

Stream is a micro-journaling app designed to save your most important thoughts and ideas. Saving a thought on Stream is as easy as sending a message to yourself. You can easily share your thoughts from Stream to Twitter.
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5 Reviews3.0/5

I’ve been using it for a few weeks to add little notes that I revisit later


It’s great to be able to type thoughts out quickly with a UI that’s inviting to create


I’d like to be able to toggle the typing sound or have it disabled when my ringer is off

Vidy is great and I'm sure he will continue to improve the app, as he has been doing already for the last month. WOOH


It's tough to find a good place to store random thoughts, which stream is great for.


I don't like that you can't shut off the typewriter noises-- it should only happen when the ringer is on.

Let me start by saying that I write private posts on my Facebook all the time, Except when I don't post at all. So when I saw this I thought to myself, hey, this maybe that next social network! To my disappointment this just seems to be another note taking app. Lose my phone and all my "private" thoughts with Will it, at least, backup to my private cloud? Perhaps the silver lining is that I'd download the app if it had a "central database" and publish option (extendable to Twitter and other social networks I want to integrate). An in-app Facebook-like newsfeed is not a bad idea either, for those exceptional moments the introvert feels extroverted (Hey that sounds like a social network... for introverts). Other than that I love the minimal UI and I seriously think this has potential. Keep going!