Stream is a micro-journaling app designed to save your most important thoughts and ideas. Saving a thought on Stream is as easy as sending a message to yourself. You can easily share your thoughts from Stream to Twitter.
  • Pros: 

    It’s great to be able to type thoughts out quickly with a UI that’s inviting to create


    I’d like to be able to toggle the typing sound or have it disabled when my ringer is off

    I’ve been using it for a few weeks to add little notes that I revisit later

    Ben Williams has used this product for one month.
  • Matthew
    MatthewCofounder + CEO @ Maisie

    It's tough to find a good place to store random thoughts, which stream is great for.


    I don't like that you can't shut off the typewriter noises-- it should only happen when the ringer is on.

    Vidy is great and I'm sure he will continue to improve the app, as he has been doing already for the last month. WOOH

    Matthew has used this product for one month.
Hey fellow makers! 👋 I had this random idea 2 months ago to build a private twitter for myself. I really liked how twitter made it easy to share my thoughts with everyone but there was a lot I didn't necessarily was interested in sharing publicly. After a few weeks of contemplating this idea, I decided to go ahead and build it. I then sent out about 20 beta invites to some of my friends. A few weeks later, the number of beta testers has grown to more than 150 people and I've managed to tap into a whole new community of twitter power users who think publicly and use Stream & Twitter frequently. Top Features that makes Stream super helpful: - Messaging style UI to make note creation super simple - Supports Audio notes and transcription via Speechkit framework - Supports images - Search - Ability to spin threads - Privacy - All data stored on your phone Would love your feedback!! P.S. the app makes typewriter sounds as you type 👀
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@vd_thatte Very interesting!
Maybe create a mailing list for when the Android version launches :)
@m1guelpf @shadab37 Follow me on Twitter and you'll know :)
Been using stream more and more. What are some cool behaviors you’ve seen so far?
@hipcityreg I'm curious too +1
@hipcityreg @amrith It seems like people mainly use it for twitter drafts. A friend of mine who blogs said half of his ideas went through Stream which was very encouraging. I can also see people writing poetry/rap, feels like a great medium for that. I personally use it for new ideas, venting out, writing down new insights, etc.
One of my favorite products by one of my favorite makers 🧡
@juhaszhenderson Thanks for the support :)
This looks pretty cool. Is there an Android Version in works?
@ankit_kumar3 Working on it!!