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It's every developer's dream :)
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Typo πŸ™Š
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@rrhoover Really interesting ! Well again, details is what take most of the time :p
@rrhoover This video gave me life
@rrhoover Thanks for sharing this video. This show just ruined my weekend, could not stop! Incredible but also took away my vacation for the year!
Love this.
I still haven't watched the show... looks a little too creepy for me to enjoy
@bentossell that's embarrassing. start watching STAT.
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@andrewett why would I want to watch something that puts me on edge or is remotely scary
@bentossell @andrewett Because it's scary GOOD and the whole thing is 80s greatness. Scares aside, the show is fantastic. Everything about it from the acting to casting, direction and editing is top notch. If someone told me "The Duffer Brothers" was an alias for Stephen King and Stephen Spielberg I honestly wouldn't be even remotely surprised. :)
@bentossell It's intense, sure, but it's nowhere close to a horror film. If you like superhero movies, Bourne movies, or thrillers of any kind - it's just like that. It's a refreshing spin on scifi and "horror."