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Republish high quality blog posts is a marketplace to find & republish high quality & tigh traffic blog posts. This searchable library currently averages 10M+ pageviews per month across the @ami blog network & it includes all of Hacker Noon library. It’s cheaper than writing/producing/editing blog content & it monetizes previously published posts for writers.

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Awesome idea David! Love how it has the Hacker Noon green :)
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I’m a Director of Marketing focused on content and public relations for healthcare. Having access to a repository of high-quality and high-traffic content to peruse and republish is a huge asset in my day to day work! Thanks so much for building Story Licensing, looking forward to licensing my first blog for our corporate content calendar!
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@ellen_michelle Hey Ellen, healthcare isn't our strongest vertical, but we have a couple hundred stories in "healthcare" "dental" "hospital"
Hey! I'm David, founder of Hacker Noon and this new digital publishing product, Story Licensing. We made this marketplace to increase demand for stories, and make it easier for sites to increase their publishing volume of remarkable blog posts. Visitors to Story Licensing can: * search for story by keyword (such as software, marketing, love, or bitcoin). Each recommended story displays source, tags and claps. * place a non-binding bid to republish a story. * get an email within 3 business days if the offer is accepted, rejected or countered by writer & publication. * reach an agreement with us :) * publish and redistribute the story on your site, app or blog. Plus we’ll give your post a social share boost via the ami network. Hope we can find a remarkable post for your blog. Story Licensing searches a library of 30k posts that average over 10M+ monthly pageviews, including all the Hacker Noon library. I'm around for questions/ideas/feedback.
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Awesome site! Great features and easy to find articles
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I'm really excited to see the initial response during Beta Launch. Stories are already being bid on! Get paid, writers!
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