Tweetstorms as a screenshot of text

Images are known to drive more engagement on Twitter. We saw an ~80% increase as soon as we started including screenshots in the @ProductHunt Twitter feed.
This is a pretty cool little tool, built by @karangoel which is perfect for the current trend of tweeting screenshots of text. It automates the whole thing! E.g. This would be right up @rrhoover and maybe even @chrismessina's alley
@ow the real folks who will appreciate this will be @fmanjoo and @mat.
Thanks @ow for sharing Storming.ME. Maker here. AMA or anything welcome.
Just tested it and it worked great. Would love to be able to download the images as an option instead of just tweeting it out right now. Or even better, let me Buffer it!
@hnshah Awesome suggestions. Will start working on them!
Changed the font to something decent now!