Stork Launches Black

Better-fitting undershirts now in black - try one for $5

Stork Undershirts are designed to become a daily staple of the male wardrobe. Maybe you wear one to work under a button-down, around the house, to the gym, or to sleep - but wherever you wear an undershirt you expect comfort.

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Thanks for the hunt, @ryandawidjan ! This is a product we're super excited about -- we worked tirelessly with our new manufacturing partner to produce an awesome black shirt. It's 100% jersey cotton, thin and breathable with a strong collar, and the perfect length both in sleeve length and body. Wear it underneath your flannel as we enter the colder months or alone if your walking around your office or at home. Let me know if you have any specific questions -- happy to answer them!
@ryandawidjan @gregmschwartz I'm digging all the colors. What's your favorite color of the 3?
@ryandawidjan @adamkornfield after moving suppliers, my favorite shirts are definitely the new ones in black. We've improved the durability of the collar (rib material for apparel enthusiasts), and we think we've found an even softer hand-feel cotton that we're incredibly proud to send to our subscription members and new customer :)
@gregmschwartz do all the colors use the new material?
@ryanstenson As of right now, we can guarantee Black Crews and Vs and the White Vs are all from our new supplier :)
@gregmschwartz when will the gray be updated? That's my go-to color!
Love Stork shirts. It's hard for me to find shorts that are fitted and long enough. I'm wearing one now and have repurchased several since I discovered them on Product Hunt a few years ago.
@rrhoover amazing, thanks for the kind words Ryan!
Stork is adding a third color to complete the trio. Longtime supporter, excited to now add some black tees to the wardrobe. Congrats Greg

Stork black is what I've wanted since the first day I learned about Stork. Really excited about this.


The fit, the look, the feel. Stork's undershirt compared to the undershirt you likely have's no contest, Stork ALL DAY.


Need Stork socks on underwear next.

Kunal you're the man -- we're starting to think about underwear, and then we'll tackle socks!
Big fan of Greg, big fan of Stork, happy customer and user. Way to go, dude!
@pe_feeds thanks Sumeet!