Subscription service for better-fitting undershirts

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I'm a fan and own several - take it away Greg!
Thanks for the hunt, @Ryan! -- 'Maker' of Stork, here - below is a bit about our undershirts: They are designed to fix three fundamental flaws in the conventional undershirt: boxy fit, sleeves that bunch, short length. To solve these common issues, our shirts taper down from the shoulders to the waist to create a slimmer fit, have shorter sleeves that don't bunch, and a feature a perfect length to make sure that your undershirts don’t come untucked. We're excited to offer all of Product Hunt 30% off the first pack with coupon code: STORKPH30 (for either subscription or one pack). Offer ends Monday June 15, 2015! We have another coupon for PHers going to the end of the June for 20% off: STORKPH20. Oh, and we're stocked and ready to ship! Greg
Big fan of these. Much better fit than companies like Hanes, paired with top notch convenience and customer service.
@mhdempsey awesome, Mike! Would love to chat with you sometime about what you think is best about our customer service!
I really love this idea. I think many guys go way too long without replacing our undershirts- whether it be due to laziness, or forgetfulness. Being able to easily subscribe and have high quality shirts delivered directly to you really solves that problem.
@kunaltandon Right on, Kunal! It's easy to forget to buy new undershirts undershirts, but now you only need to buy once :)
LOVE this idea. The convenience makes it worth it alone. I'm curious about a couple of things, though. What, in your experience, is the effect of washing these shirts? Do they shrink considerably? I mean, they're 100% cotton which is wonderful, but I'd be worried about the sleeves tightening or the length shortening. I don't think it'd be the worst problem since the idea is to have them re-upped due to the subscription, but I'm curious. Also, I seem to only be able to find the shirts in white. Are there any other colors? I'm particularly interested in gray, since that tends to actually be a more appropriate color to where for lighter shirts ( At any rate, I love this idea. It fits a great niche and solves a clear problem. 👍
@trevorsuarez Hey Trevor - thanks for the comments/questions! The shirts are designed to fit post-wash - meaning they will shrink a bit after the first wash, but intentionally. Best thing is after washed, they get softer. Re: colors - we currently don't have gray or black, but they're certainly in our plans for the near future! We are really focusing on fit, and are thinking about have three different cuts pertaining to body type: thin, conventional, strong (for those of us who are a little bulkier). Also, thanks for that link!
@gregmschwartz Sounds great, Greg! Great idea on the post-wash sizing. That makes it much easier to trust, haha. I'll definitely be ordering some gray shirts once you launch them. Good call on the fits. The one-size-fits-all or super-stretch approach that most vendors take just doesn't work.
@trevorsuarez I instantly thought of this, too: Grey shirt hack blew my mind haha still need to get some.