Sticotti Shelving system

The only bookshelf you'll ever need

#2 Product of the DayJuly 22, 2016
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I am always amazed at just how expensive shelving is.
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@alicelthwaite indeed, that's incredible. $840 for an amount of shelving that would cost about $300 in a traditional piece, and quite a bit less at a place like ikea.
@aggieben @alicelthwaite this is not ikea for sure. Premium Argentinean woods and handcraft. This is ine of those thing that will last a lifetime. And therefore the price.
@mariquelw @alicelthwaite Clearly I'm not comparing the quality of this product with something from ikea. But how about a solid wood bookcase from a reputable furniture retailer, such as Ashley or Weirs? That's really what I had in mind. In any case, your product looks really neat and desirable, and I wish you the best of luck in finding your market.
SUDACAS is the only brand that shows you how the things you buy are made live. In times where the origin of things is so highly valued and rarely shown, Alejandro Sticotti together with is taking transparency to the next level by live-streaming the creation process of 2 essential furniture pieces: A Bookshelf and a Coatrack.
@mariquelw the book shelves are beautiful! Love how flexible they are into anything... and the streaming concept is really cool. How does it work when someone can watch their furniture being made over a live stream?
Great idea! Definitely will make such shells in my garage!
I love books and always wanted a shelf like this. The shelf looks so awesome. Too bad for me, I only have 3 Physical books in my collection. I enjoy listening to audio-books more than reading. But my collection will grow soon. Most probably your product will launch till then :) PS: Didn't know you were actually live streaming until I saw it on your Kickstarter page. Keep it up.
Kudos on producing the perfect process video! If anyone needs inspiration on how to make the processes of your product have as much meaning as the product itself, checkout their video. Simple, effective, not promotional. I wish you all the success on this project. Ciao.