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#1 Product of the DayFebruary 01, 2019

StepShot Guides Pro allows you to quickly create step-by-step tutorials and videos. Fully automate the way you create any help article or training material:

- capture your steps with every mouse click

- generate step descriptions

- code-free customization

- save 90% of your time

  • Volodymyr Zastavnyy
    Volodymyr ZastavnyyFounder, NEWOLDSTAMP

    A real time saver! Especially like their video export and multilingual auto-narration.


    I’d love to have more integrations with other platforms.

    As a CEO, I'm often approached with different questions during the day, and this used to distract me a lot from some important tasks. What I do now, is just simply prepare the automated tutorials with StepShot and easily share them with my employees.

    Volodymyr Zastavnyy has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    love the possibility to customize PDF docs and collaborate in the Cloud dashboard. Plus, responsiveness of their support


    wanna have more default templates

    It’s often very complicated to communicate with our clients without the visual image of what they would like to change in the projects we make for them. Thanks to StepShot, our work has became much easier since now our clients just go through the website, click on what they like/dislike and provide us with a quick feedback, all in one doc!)

    Alexey Grishko has used this product for one month.
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Sasha Reminnyi
Sasha ReminnyiMaker@sasha_reminnyi · CEO at StepShot
Thanks, @chrismessina for featuring us! We are truly excited to be back to Product Hunt and present here the new and upgraded version of our product - StepShot Guides Pro - which is a new-generation tool aimed to ease your documentation pains, help you create and share walkthroughs, educate yourself and your colleagues. This time, our team has been working on the implementation of new advanced features that will help: - Make engaging videos and demos - Create step-by-step guides with every mouse click - Automatically recognize text from screenshot and paste it where you need - Automatically generate text descriptions to each step - Prepare quick help articles - Easily onboard newbies, train employees, and create learning materials - Systemize routine procedures Our new features include: Unlimited export into video + auto-narration - Code-free and fully-customizable PDF template editor - Export into Word + in-built templates - Optical character recognition (OCR technology) - Rich text editing - Export into HTML, WordPress and as Images - Totally redesigned and customizable capturing process My team and I are really enthusiastic about sharing all these with you and would really appreciate any feedback and questions you may have. P.S. We’d also like to provide the Product Hunt community with a special 50% discount. To get it, apply the “PRODUCTHUNT” promo code at the checkout.
Sarah Forgrave
Sarah Forgrave@geekegrrl
This has been a HUGE timesaver for me - it makes the process of documentation and SOPs a breeze. I think of all the time I wasted creating screen captures and writing instructions in the past and think where has this product been all my life! I haven't leveraged the video components yet, but i am absolutely thrilled with the ability to create "how to" document on the fly.
Anastasia Yasevych
Anastasia YasevychMaker@anastasia_yasevych · Head of Marketing at StepShot
@geekegrrl thank you so much Sarah! We're extremely happy that our product became a useful tool in your case. We'll do our best to make it even better in future!
Marta Hlova
Marta Hlova@marta_hlova · Content Marketing Manager
Congrats on your success. Keep up the good work!
Sofia  Zhylych
Sofia ZhylychMaker@sofia_zhylych · Marketing Manager
@marta_hlova thanks a bunch! Only the sky is the limit for us 😉
Sophia Salo
Sophia Salo@sophia_s · Communications Manager
StepShot Guides is a super handy tool. I'm a Communications Manager here, and I'm using it every day for my tasks - they start from creating quick step-by-step guides for users in the website chat to detailed videos & help articles for our knowledgebase. Can't be happier to see the growth of this product and feedbacks of the people who love using it:)
Sofia  Zhylych
Sofia ZhylychMaker@sofia_zhylych · Marketing Manager
@sophia_s we're also super-excited ❤️
Zhouchen Tang
Zhouchen Tang@zhouchen_tang · TRILIGHT
easy and useful! upvoted.
Sofia  Zhylych
Sofia ZhylychMaker@sofia_zhylych · Marketing Manager
@zhouchen_tang many thanks from the entire StepShot team!