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Stdlib has just announced it latest funding round (which you can read on TechCrunch here And a lot has changed since it's developer preview launch Stealing some write-up from StrictlyVC The idea: delivering web services and APIs is complex problem, and plenty can go wrong between the birth of a business idea and the production implementation of a web service. StdLib is aiming to solve the problem by making it possible to deploy new updates that are uncoupled from a company's infrastructure. (This way, if things go awry with that new function or update, users and customers needn't know.) The company has plenty of competition. Still, investors must think it has a chance at fighting through a growing field of upstarts. StdLib first passed through the accelerator program AngelPad early last year; today, it's announcing another $2 million in fresh seed funding led by BlueYard Capital, a Berlin­-based venture firm that's focused largely on the democratization of software development. Other investors in the round include Joe Montana’s Liquid 2 Ventures; Aston Motes, who was Dropbox's first engineer; Michael Dabrowski, president of the biotechnology company Synthego; and the Nordic Makers Venture Group. Horwood says it wasn't easy, breaking into the Silicon Valley scene several years ago, where he first moved to work at Storefront, a company that rents out short-term commercial space.
One, would love to thank Ben for hunting us today. :) Two, we're really excited to launch StdLib out of developer preview. We recently overhauled our entire FaaS platform + Library to use the open specification we developed, FaaSlang - - which makes turning functions into scalable, serverless API endpoints a breeze and extremely intuitive. It's been a wild journey to get here and we're very thankful for the support of our developer community, friends, and of course, investors. Together, they've provided us the moral support to fight through tough times and believe in ourselves and what we're capable of, as well as pushing for a better future in the world of software development. So thank you, everybody who has joined us so far (and thanks for the ones to come)!
Looks good! And congrats on raising money. So, is stdlib 1.0 entirely replacing Polybit from last year? @keithwhor @bentossell (I mean the product, not the company).
@bentossell @blukasz effectively, yes! We launched Polybit as a serverless PaaS for Nodal ( APIs originally. The feedback on the Polybit platform led us to build StdLib. The company still goes by Polybit Inc. officially, but we refer to ourselves as StdLib almost exclusively. :) Been a journey to get here!
It looks really interesting and the list of available services is really impressive! Looking forward to see the how high it can get! (before getting acquired by AWS obviously ;) ) Fingers crossed!
@acellary Thanks Adam. We're really excited to be working with some pretty awesome developers and companies, I think you'll find the community expands significantly in the coming months. We'll definitely be rolling out updates as things move forward, so stay tuned!
Followed this since Beta. Wish much success.
@mikeway3 Thanks Mike! The beta / developer preview definitely helped us refine the developer experience significantly and get a good feel for what our community wanted. Happy to have you with us. :)