StatusOk (Open source)

Get notified through Slack/email when your website is down

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sanath kumar
11th mile
Monitor your website from your terminal.Get notified through slack or email when its down or response time is less than expected. Github Url : Very helpful if you have a simple website and you want to get notified when something wrong is happening on your server. This is simple binary file which is just 10 MB in size and does not take much space on your ram. You can connect your influxdb and view you response times and downtimes of your apis over a period of time in graphana dashboards You can also use this to test your apis and find response times. Setup in 3 simple steps : Step 1) Download binary file from here Linux users : Mac users : Step 2 ) Write a simple json config file. Sample files : Step 3 ) Run the below command ./statusok --config your_config_file.json You can find more detailed information in the github repository .
Palak Zatakia
23. Building something cool.
@wirddin, check this out. :)
awesome, thanks for sharing!! #upvote
PrajwalUX/UI Engineer
Grafana. Not graphana. 😄
Raul Perțe
Designer · Makes iOS apps · Client's BFF
I designed an iOS app that on the same idea, if some iOS developer wants to partner up. :-)
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