Easily store your bags wherever you are

Stasher is the world's largest luggage storage network. It partners with hotels and local shops so that travelers and event-goers can have a safe place to store their bags while they enjoy their day.

Stasher is convenient, over 600 locations in 80+ cities worldwide; affordable, only £6 for 24 hours; and offers award-winning customer service.

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12 Reviews5.0/5
It's amazing to see how far Anthony and Jacob have taken this, they are killing it! Good luck on the expansion 😉
@philip_kallberg thanks for the kind words mate 😃
That's definitely what all we need while travelling to other cities! Great product
Interesting idea, good luck with it.
Great website and great product. Wish I'd thought of it and will surely use it on my travels.

Hi guys,

I work for Stasher's Marketing Team. If you have any questions regading the product, feel free to drop me a line!


Easy to book, takes less than 3 minutes

Amazing customer service

Cheaper than other luggage storage options


none come to mind!

I would suggest against making recommendations for a company you work for as it comes across very disingenuous when there is a heavy bias involved.