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I'd love to see Amsterdam on here.
@bramk @Jonnotie That would be awesome indeed! In the meantime 'Founded in Holland' features many startups from Amsterdam. Check it out at
@punttim @bramk @Jonnotie I'll get an Amsterdam page up soon. Lovely design with Founded in holland!
Pretty cool, though having the cities of "Transportation" and "Writing Apps" doesn't quite fit. And its missing Sacramento? What are we - chopped liver?
i'm sure me and @erictwillis could help you get detroit down :)
@erictwillis @eriktorenberg where others see challenges, we see opportunity
Something, something, San Diego!
Are the cards pulled directly from the websites? Asking because it has our old logo, so would love to know if it was accidentally left on the site somewhere!
@_rsamuelson They're pulled from AngelList, it looks like. The data comes from that API, and the image URIs still show the path.