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Dear Producthunters, Almost a year ago, we launched our platform - a recruiting platform that connects candidates with startups and tech companies. The Producthunt community back then was an amazing boost for our confidence and showed us that we were on to "something cool". Since then, we have continuously worked on the product as well as our business model and are very proud to say that companies including Google and ebay are using our platform and were able to hire candidates. Having collected huge amounts of feedback from our users as well as the PH community, we are now very happy to announce that we have relaunched the entire platform with a new branding and interface as well as new features. Moreover, StartupCVs is now completely free for both candidates as well as startups. Again, we would like to thank the PH community which was invaluable in creating a product that is well-received by candidates and recruiters. Please do not hesitate to give us further feedback on the new product. Any input is much appreciated. Cheers, Mengühan
I remember using this a year back when I first started my startup @netlodge, time flies. Great platform (:
@s_craper @netlodge time flies indeed. Thanks a lot ;)
Great, congrats to the relaunch! :)