Startup School 2018

Y Combinator’s free online course for startups


Startup School 2018 - from Y Combinator is a free online course for startups.

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Stas Kulesh
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  • Sarah Hum
    Sarah HumFounder at Canny

    We met several other cool founders and had a great mentor. The advice is super valuable.


    20+ teams to 1 mentor is a bit much.

    We were in the first batch. The weekly syncs were great because we could ask a bunch of questions and get feedback. They also kept us accountable to driving out metrics week/week. We also keep in touch with our mentor, a year later. A few teams, including ours, got to participate in live office hours with Sam Altman. It was a great opportunity to practice speaking and get some exposure. We wrote about our experience here:

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  • Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp

    The mentors (mostly YC alum) and small group sessions with other founders are so valuable.



    You'll be surprised with what you can accomplish in 10 weeks. I wrote about my experience in last year's Startup School here:

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  • Naya Moss
    Naya MossFounder of Culturefiy and Frauvis

    Online, steady/self paced, resources are very informative, kinda feels like free mini mba.



    I didn't feel comfortable applying for the classes starting on 8/27/18. But so far, ive spend most of my down time following this:, and reading articles throughout the startup school library,

    I believe it's older material than what is most likely to be offered in the 8/27/18, but definitely very applicable. So far my favorite lecturers are the video from Steve Jobs "Excerpt from Steve Jobs’s 1995 interview with Computerworld’s Oral History Project", and Peter Thiel's "Business Strategy and Monopoly Theory".

    If your serious, it feels like you are actually in class, and some lectures have students that have contributed responses recently via disqus.

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  • Pros: 

    Meeting other founders is so important and helped me a lot


    The experience depends a lot on the quality of the mentor

    I participated in 2017 in their first batch, was really interesting to meet other founders and discuss the lectures together & apply them to our startups. I had a nice mentor, but heard from others that some were less motivated than mine. But definitively go to the party!! That was awesome :D

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  • Pros: 

    YC experience is amazing for new founders.



    As part of the W12 batch, I know first hand that the advice from past founders, office hours, and networking can make a big difference. I highly recommend it!

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