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The conclusion of the StartUp mini season about Gimlet

I listened to this at the gym yesterday (where I consumer most my podcasts). I can relate to this. Product Hunt is a similar size and we've had to introduce more structure in some of the things we do. It seems that a lot of entrepreneurs -- people who generally seek freedom and autonomy -- have an aversion to process and org structure, but in reality it's necessary and often welcomed by most people if done right.
@rrhoover completely agree. The bit from the show that some people at startups worry that they are building the same corporate structure that they left in the first place struck a chord.
I've said it before and will say it again, StartUp does an amazing job of highlighting the company's flaws and weaknesses and turns that into a strength. I wrote about that here:
Show notes: "I secretly, in my heart, worry maybe I'm not being 'startup-py' enough... - Caitlin Kenney, Head of New Show Development As we wrap up this mini-season, Lisa Chow comes back from maternity leave and notices some big changes at Gimlet. And these changes… they aren’t all for the better. Lisa talks to Gimlet employees about concerns over power, accountability, and control – things that crop up when you go from startup, to regular company. And she takes those concerns to the bosses."