Start Something New by Apple

Collection of artworks made with Apple products

#4 Product of the DayDecember 30, 2015
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This is cool! I like how the page moves around when pointing your mouse about. As @benjebara says, I also love how they explain the vision and show what the artist uses to create these incredible art pieces! I struggle even writing my name on the screen in a way someone can read!
This is the worst webpage i've ever used. At least on desktop.
Works wonderfully on mobile. Really enjoy the webpages Apple puts out -- the iMac one a while back was also pretty cool!
@jevinsidhu Seriously? I love Apple but some of their sites have been really bad. Especially the iMac one. It was so slow and took so long time to go through the site. This site is pretty cool though :)
@mkaroumi It's kind of like a guilty pleasure for me πŸ˜… It was horribly optimized, but looked damn cool
@jevinsidhu that's true. It looked great, but felt awful, in my opinion ;)
Loved how they explain the artist vision and how they list the products and apps used to create the piece of art.
You mean to tell me that iPhone cameras aren't only for taking drunken group photos and selfies? Really beautiful page and the iPad Pro artwork is especially incredible! Looks like it's heading in the right direction of being a practical medium for art. Like @bentossell I can hardly draw a stick figure with my Galaxy Note 4 stylus.
@jackplantin my fingers are no stylus, that's for sure.