Content management system for dynamic band websites

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This looks interesting. One problem I see is that bands don't want to have "templated" websites. Is there a way for them to have their own designs on there?
@itengelhardt Yes. Having unique looking websites for your band is basically one of the core ideas of Stage. It allows for fully customizable websites.
@benediktdeicke ah ok. How is that design delivered? Do I pay you extra for the setup/design? Do you have a list of designers to work with? Can I bring my own designers?
@itengelhardt We offer website design and development services on top of the CMS. Bringing your own designer is also an option :)
Why go for this over WordPress? What are some unique / better features?
@saijo_george It's targeted to the content types bands usually need on their website (for example when it comes to managing the tour page or the discography page). On top of that, it's a fully managed solution, so bands don't have to worry about maintaining the infrastructure or do any software updates.
@benediktdeicke thanks mate & good luck with the project.
Hi ProductHunt! I'm the maker of Stage, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll happily answer all of them :)
@benediktdeicke Super happy to see Stage featured on PH! Congrats Benedikt! How did you get the idea?
@gregoiregilbert It grew out of my work with a band a few years ago. A few other bands approached me and they all had similar needs for their website's CMS.
Cool guys. We at Muzeek could also benefit mutual clients by pushing tour info, data and our show lists directly to their Stage site. Happy to chat, would be super easy as long as your backend allows a simple embed code we make avail to all of our users:
Hi @dannyfiorentini! Sounds great! Let's talk. I'm currently at MicroConf and kind of busy. I'll send you an email as soon as I'm back home :)