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Gilles Bertaux
Co-founder/CEO @Livestormapp
Really cool. Adding the reasons are a big plus indeed. Is it open to anyone? We would like to post our Marketing stack at Mention ( http://blog.mention.com/mentions... ) on your platform.
Dan Loewenherz
Founder, Lionheart Software
Hey all! Developer here. We (team @ Lionheart / http://lionheartsw.com ) did the design/backend/frontend of Stacklist and are really happy with how it turned out. Amanda is the head honcho though, so if you have any thoughts / comments / random questions let me know and I can pass them on! Backend is built on Python/Django on EC2, serving static assets through CloudFront, and storing uploads / other data on S3. Also, thank goodness for the Django admin. Has been huge in helping the team manage all of this information. The amount of work and tender loving care that went into interviewing, curating, and organizing all of information on the site is really astounding. I really think this is a hugely valuable resource for anyone starting a startup. The personal reviews and testimonials really set it apart from anything else out there.
Keith BrownMarketing + Growth
Nice initial list of tools. What I immediately noticed (and liked) was the founder quotes listed on some of the tool pages. Understanding "why" and "how" these stacks are used is very helpful!
Rob Williger
CEO of Cited, Inc. |Writer|Speaker
That is a really great idea. This truly is curation not just collecting a bunch of tools in one place. Great that you can see the individual companies so you can find similar organizations as well as hearing what the actual users think.
Dan PuttPartner, Reboot.io
I absolutely love this idea (and not just because I was interviewed for it), and I'm a big fan of Amanda as well. Congrats to Amanda and team!
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