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YonasMakerHiring@yonasbe · Founder & CEO, StackShare
Hey everyone! This is for all the developers out there that miss vulnerabilities, important product updates, and other news related to the tools they use. The idea came from the StackShare community- we learned that people love StackShare for helping them keep up with the latest dev tools, but they’d also like help staying up to date with the tools they already use. So this is what we came up with. We've been beta testing it with members of our community for the past month, and the feedback has been really great. We're super excited to introduce this to the PH community today and the rest of the world. The team and I will be here in the comments to answer any questions- feature requests welcome! Happy Stacking :)
Dvir Hazout
Dvir Hazout@dvir_hazout
Looks great and pretty useful. think about making it as a chrome extension of new tabs as well. And how about sharing the stack used for building it? Post it on stackshare ;)
YonasMakerHiring@yonasbe · Founder & CEO, StackShare
@dvir_hazout damnit! I knew we forgot something. @sergio_tapiag wanna handle that? One obvious piece of the stack is @algolia- it's all up in this product and the reason it's so snappy, cc @dzello. Re: Chrome extension - yes, that is something we're considering along with another popular platform folks use these days :) More coming soon!
Sergio Tapia
Sergio TapiaMaker@sergio_tapiag · Software Engineer, StackShare
@dvir_hazout Hey! That chrome extension idea is really interesting. If you'd like to know more about the tech behind Stack News, I created a stack here: @algolia allowed us to create a great search experience.
Glenn Gillen
Glenn Gillen@glenngillen · Investor in early stage devtool startups
I've been using this for a month and it's amazing. Just like @dvir_hazout I originally wanted a chrome extension, but I just set it to my homepage instead. Works great 💯 Congrats on the public launch.
YonasMakerHiring@yonasbe · Founder & CEO, StackShare
@glenngillen @dvir_hazout #screenshotyournewsstack 👀
Adam Benayoun
Adam Benayoun@adam_benayoun
Neat @yonasbe! Definitely useful - I've been really struggling in the past with keeping up with all the vulnerabilities and other updates from different stacks/tools we've used at our company.
YonasMakerHiring@yonasbe · Founder & CEO, StackShare
@adam_benayoun struggle no more! Glad it's useful for you :)
Sahin Boydas
Sahin Boydas@sahinboydas · MojiLaLa
amazing. i was following some stacks and tool in feedly but i rarely add new things. with stack news i can consume 100+ stacks and tools automatically...