Bend JSON to your will like never before

ST lets you query, transform, and bend JSON to your will

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I'm always excited when Ethan launched new things. This is so simple yet so powerful. Love the gif explainer with real code, too. @glichtenstein, what's the origin story for ST?
@staringispolite thanks! Actually ST is the core JSON processing engine used in Jasonette (both for ios and android). i've been meaning to open source this for a long time, but finally got around to doing so. As you can see, while ST was extracted out from Jasonette ( it's not just limited to what Jasonette does. It's almost like the missing feature JSON should have shipped with to begin with :) On a basic level, ST lets you bend any JSON at your will like never before. The first part of ST is "Selector". It lets you drill down into a JSON object easily, like jQuery. The second part of ST is "Transformer". it works pretty much like how HTML templating engines like handlebars work, but for JSON (There is no such library out there, which is why I built it myself so I can use it in Jasonette). It’s written in JavaScript so you can use it anywhere. When you combine these two you can really do anything. On a more advanced level, you can use this library to design your own programmable, turing complete JSON markup just like Jasonette, for any environment and any platform. Overall, if you check out some of the examples on the homepage you'll be amazed at what you can do with just JSON. Hope this is exciting for you guys as much as I'm excited!
@amrith thanks! 👍👍👍
Killer product - just last night i was wondering if somebody could make a product like this and lo and behold Mr @glichtenstein delivers!!
@syedshuttari haha happy to be of help man!!! 😍

Combined with Jasonette, it's a very powerful framework!


Innovative way to handle JSON


No con

@gliechtenstein Ethan, from this moment forward you'll now go by the name Jason. 😂

not much to tell. Go give it a shot!


So easy!