Wordpress for ppl who don't have time 2 deal w/ Wordpress

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Love the idea of Squarespace and the responsive design. They have many beautiful templates for blogging, SMB, & e-commerce. I was looking for more business/app single page website templates which http://www.strikingly.com/ provides.
It's not WordPress for people who don't like WP, because it's not Open Source, you can't manipulate the code or add plugins, and it's not self-hosted. It's a great tool, but not WordPress for non-WP users. Sincerely, WordPress Snob :)
I generally use Wordpress for all my blogging needs. But I finally tried Squarespace and it's super-slick. Much more drag-n-drop friendly, a lot of functionality out of the box, and super-pretty. If you love blogging but hate dealing with Wordpress, this is your new jam.