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Here's mine: I live on Spotify but I'm surprised to hear that I've listened to nearly 40 days of music. 😱
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@rrhoover Do you ever listen to Bonobo, Bibio or Chrome Sparks?
@sfdji LOVE Bonobo. I saw him in concert a few years ago. Chrome Sparks is πŸ”₯, not sure if I've listened to Bibio.
@rrhoover Mmmmm, Is everybody getting 57k minutes?
@sfdji @rrhoover Chrome Sparks is so sick. That Panama remix is stupidly good.
Once again a great job done by Spotify. Having switched to Apple Music earlier this year the data is slightly weird for me, but this is a perfect example of Spotify still working hard to stay competitive.
@joostmq Why did you switch to Apple Music if I may ask?
@nicolasegosum I gave it a shot and got the three-month trial. I duscovered many new songs through it and created some playlists, then just went with it from there. And Apple Music has Taylor Swift, of course.
@joostmq Cool. Although I've been using Apple products since I was born, I have to say that the current UX of Apple Music is not as good as Spotify's one. I'm sure Apple will catch up, but for now I stick with Spotify. Plus I'm not a Taylor Swift fan. 😁
@joostmq Same for me. I loved being able to have Siri play any song I could think of. And TSwift.
@joshdance @joostmq Are you guys still there on Apple Music? I ended up cancelling due to playlist sync conflict, and UX issues that Spotify doesn't have.
Shame its such a CPU hog at the moment, also running incredibly slow.
I'd rather get this data delivered monthly, tbh. Seems like knowing my patterns could help me diversify in realtime.
Spotify did this last year and it was awesome: https://www.producthunt.com/tech... Number one global artist for 2015 is of course: