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Ouriel Ohayon
ZenGo.com / CEO
Another great integration on Amazon Echo. @rrhoover i would suggest you add Amazon Echo to product hunt platform option
This is such a huge feature for me. I already love Amazon Echo, but I’m super-integrated into Spotify, and Amazon’s music library isn’t nearly as strong. This product keeps getting better and better.
Justin Mitchell
Founder & CEO @ Yac
I'm loving this. Even obscure artists are recognized immediately. I asked Alexa to play Anchor & Braille on Spotify and a few seconds later it was shuffling their songs. It's the missing feature I have wanted all along
Sarthak Grover
Consumer Tech 
I've wanted this feature for a while but having the option to stream via Bluetooth was a good workaround in the meantime. I really dig the fact that the Echo team has been churning out new feature on such a regular basis, it is fantastic.
Jamie McIntyre
Founder, Rewire Capital
I can use my desktop client to search for new music and it automatically kicks it to my Echo across the room. I can also ask Alexa for one of my playlists - fantastic integration.
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