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Video, podcasts, smart playlists & more (pre-launch)

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Hey friends! Tobias here, one of the Designers on the Spotify team. We're super excited to show you what we've been working on recently. (: We're all big fans here of Producthunt and big thanks @jackdweck for posting this up here. In case you have feedback, we always have an open ear. Keep on rocking, Tobias
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@schneidertobias your site mentions the music is created bespoke for running. "Brand new music that’s made for running. Every track adapts to your run." is there a tool for creating these tracks? How does it work?
@schneidertobias HUGE fan of Spotify! It's crazy how clean and intuitive the apps are despite having all these different features and modes jammed in there. I'm a little skeptical about video on there, but I've actually looked for audiobooks and podcasts on Spotify in the past but selection was pretty bare. Looking forward to have it all in one place! Would creators monetize in the same ways as songs right now? Would podcasts be allowed keep their commercials?
@evanczhou Hey Evan, this is something we're working on. The ability for creators to monetize is something we're really looking forward to. Stay tuned for a more integrated experience on this subject.
Spotify is starting to look more like iTunes (and I don't mean that in a bad way). I'm curious if expansion beyond music to videos and podcasts (next up, books?) was part of the plan since the beginning.
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@rrhoover with Daniel Ek's background I would imagine he has always had his eyes set on all forms of media but absolutely was focused purely on music. Would be very interested if they move past the "tidal" like features and into other markets and compete against Oyster, etc.
Spotify introduced a bunch of new features today. Here's a quick roundup:
Their YouTube video reminds me of the "I am Pied Piper" campaign.
Looking forward to the tempo matching - I've been waiting for this one.