Spotify Lite

A lighter Spotify on Android for emerging markets

Spotify Lite is Spotify's slimmed-down version designed for emerging markets.

- Play and discover new music

- Enjoy playlists made just for you

- Use less data

- Small app, installs fast

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What they remove to jump to 100mo to 15mo ?
@alexisriols On an obvious note: They removed some features. But in terms of the technical points: it's a thoughtful question which I too would loved to see answered!
Nice find, @moingshaikh. Feels like every company over 100M MAU is launching a "lite" version of their apps. Last week Instagram quietly released their lite app.
@rrhoover Exactly! And just prior to Instagram, Uber also launched their lite version. Let's guess who's next? May be, WhatsApp :D
I really like the trend to provide a lite version of common apps like Instagram. And I would really like to try this version if it would be available for me (in Germany). A quick note from a review about this app, interesting for premium users like me: "Give us premium users no shuffle option, ability to download to internal and external storage, and an easy mode to see saved albums without having to scroll down so much on the favourites tab." - Ricardo Brenelli Downloading of playlist would be essential. It does not make any sense to release a lite version for regions where internet is slow and smartphones usually are low-end and do not provide an option to download songs to save traffic.
@kovah_kvh Agree to your points, Kovah.