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Share codes for songs, artists, and playlists from Spotify

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Spotify ditched their inbox messaging feature for a more Snapchat like QR code experience, more coverage here:
What's the advantage of this vs having the inbox? Why does one preclude the other?
@wfb I'm thinking that this is more of a marketing tool. Ex) An artist or music festival can add this quick qr code for activation in more places. Other than that, I don't believe it is more social overall than the inbox
@dnosk Oh yeah I can definitely see why it would be a good marketing tool, but I'm interested in hearing the justification for completely removing the inbox. It sucks that I've had to send links to people in separate apps and that this is the reason. Seems like they could have kept both.
@wfb They've been experimenting with deleting entire features and seeing if anyone will notice. Optimistically, one could say that they are trying to simplify the experience with a minimalist product. On the other side, you can say that Spotify is ramping up for the IPO and trying to cut costs where ever they can. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @eldsjal any comments :D
@dnosk True as hell. I've been a subscriber for 6 years and remember vividly how complicated doing just about anything used to be.
@wfb @dnosk based on my response rates (and those of my friends) over the past few years, i would bet that engagement was very poor on messaging. that combined with their move to algorithmic recommendations and radio meant that 1:1 sharing was a low priority. can't speak to why codes are superior, other than they are a new mobile standard.
I don't know if this will catch on or not. It's quite simple to screenshot a song and send it, or share a playlist.