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I love music streaming services as a whole, and Spotify definitely takes the lead with a wide collection of music that I can access with simply a few taps away. I couldn't imagine going back to iTunes. If my guitar teacher (teaching me rock) or my piano teacher (teaching me classical) wants me to learn a new song, I can pick it up directly on Spotify! I think we almost under appreciate the easy, yet justly access Spotify and the entire industry has given us to music. Listening to music is what keeps me functioning, be it while I'm coding, or taking a jog. They've done a great job with the iOS app - it's very nicely designed (uses modern/flat iOS 7 design paradigms) and has some well thought out features including queuing songs, Radio (music curation to help you discover new songs), and has a built in social element, so I can check out what my friends are listening to. Their business model is great too, you can access any song, anywhere, however ads and lack of offline-support without paid subscription. Streaming music is fast and easy. Really. Everytime I look at iTunes a little bit inside me dies.
Having tested Spotify, MOG, Rhapsody/Napster, and Zune, I don't get why people like this service over Rdio. The UI is cluttered and ugly. Does Spotify have that many more artists?
@JadoJodo One thing you also need to consider - a lot of my friends, if not all, are using Spotify, and with the social element being a key feature involved, the fact that I can check out what my friends are listening to any time of day justifies the slightly higher price. I find the mobile app design great, and as for the computer app - it's good.
@mckapur Hmm... That makes senses. It sounds like people don't know that Rdio offers the same ability to listen to music with friends. Maybe they need to do better about advertising.
@mckapur @jadojodo I actually didn't hear about Rdio before reading this post. Will check it out. Right now I'm also using Spotify on a daily basis and like it a lot so I didn't even actively look for any alternatives.
Fantastic service, especially with the student discount which brings down the price of a premium subscription to an accessible $4.99 / month (more info here: Just wish it had the curation of Beats Music, but that's an area they're rapidly improving every week.
We're working on something with some cool Spotify integration - how is Spotify doing vs. Rdio ? I've never used Rdio
Interesting fact - SWPS (which is a Polish University) has recently uploaded lectures of their professors on Spotify :)