Social platform for market research and validation

Spokk is a social platform that you can use to get your ideas, prototypes & creations validated from anyone you want through anonymous opinions. Unlike other tools, it gives you complete control over the anonymous data you receive. People can also build on each other’s opinions to reach an optimal solution.

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Hi Product Hunt! Something we’ve all been through is that people rarely tell you how they truly feel. It’s usually because they want to spare your feelings or don’t want to jeopardize their relationship with you. Because of this, to be better at what you do, you are limited to your own experiences or from the opinions of your close friends and family. Most opinions of your end users are never received by you, some might even have a massive potential for growth. To solve this problem, we built a social platform where people can truly share their honest opinions and help each other grow. Key features we added to make this happen People who provide their opinions will be anonymous 1) People who give their opinions shouldn't feel like they have to hold back because of their relationship with you 2) When you receive opinions for a question you ask, you have the freedom to implement what you want because you aren’t influenced by a person's social status or relationship with you You need to have a massive reach to improve accuracy 1) You need a lot of data from different kinds of people, even potential end users, to make an informed decision. If not, you'll just be doing what you and a few others want. We’ve been developing this for 2 years and believe we finally got the product right. We would love to hear your feedback!
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@samesh13 what’s your plan to getting people to sign up and contribute on the platform?
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@aafable hey! So, we have this feature to share your post. This lets you copy a link of your post. Anyone can view the post using the link. When people not on our platform try to interact on the post or try to give their opinion, they will be prompted to get onboard. We are mainly targeting content creators in general. They can ask for suggestions for improvement by pasting this link at the bottom of their blog or within the description of their content. Most of their fans would love to contribute their opinions to improve their work don't you think? 😃 What do you think? How would you approach this? 😄
I'm confused by two things: 1. If the feedback is anonymous why do I have to register with Facebook before being able to provide feedback? 2. How would I know if the feedback is coming from my target audience?
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Hi @rajeshnerlikar, 1. This is actually a semi-anonymous social platform, sorry for the confusion. The anonymous responses can come from only registered users. The reason for this is that we will be introducing a points system shortly. The points will be provided by other members of the community. We can use this system to reduce the number of trolls. spam, haters and all other problems associated with anonymous social sites. We want this to be a tool where you can get quality opinions even though they are anonymous. It’s just to help people open up just a little more. 2. If you create a public post, you can’t be sure that it's coming from specific people of your choice. It’s created more for the masses. By target audience, I assume you mean a selected set of people. For that, we have a feature called groups. Registered members of your target audience can be added to a group. Any questions asked in that said group can only be seen and interacted by other members of the group. I hope this clarifies everything. 😃
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1. OK I get it but it might be nice to be able to browse the open questions before forcing me to create an account. Your registration page provides no information on WHY I should sign up. 2. You should update your product marketing to explain groups. It seems like a critical factor for customers to decide to use the product. No one wants random strangers feedback to start with.
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@rajeshnerlikar That's true. We are currently redesigning our landing page. We are also adding a "How it works" page that will explain how to use every feature step by step. We might also let users browse the public questions without signing up as well. Thanks!
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I get it. The issue is you have 3-5 seconds to convince someone to try your product. They’re unlikely to read a Medium article
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@rajeshnerlikar true that. We will be redesigning our landing page. Will let you know when we release our next update! Thanks for your support