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Splitbee is an Analytics & A/B testing tool that focuses on simplicity and speed.
We make analytics fun to use and understandable.
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Hi Product Hunters :) I'm the CTO and founder of Splitbee. I am happy to finally release my project I've worked on for the last 6 months. It started as a minimal A/B testing tool but transformed into much more than that. We provide an all-in-one solution for analytics. Imagine a combination of Mixpanel, Google Analytics & Optimizely! - Follow incoming traffic in realtime. Uncover where users come from and what pages they visit. - Create funnels for your user journeys. Detect flaws and iterate for improved conversions. - Affordable A/B testing – Leverage the power of A/B testing without breaking the bank You might wonder how it compares to Mixpanel? - Everything is realtime - All features included - no upgrades needed - Analytics for websites out of the box (referrer, page views & unique users over time,...) - Server-side A/B testing - Affordable Thanks for the amazing landing page @timolins @laurids
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@timolins @laurids @linstobias This is exactly what I was looking for ProsperCircle.org. Have tried a few tools and been disappointed. Just signed up and deploying web update with your script. Looking forward to using it.
@timolins @laurids @linstobias Quick question - does the tool automatically ignore traffic/stats from localhost?
@salil_sethi no, the traffic needs to come from the domain you embedded splitbee on! Feel free to write the chat for more info to get Splitbee working with localhost aswell!
@linstobias makes sense. that's exactly what i was hoping for :)
Super simple, yet powerful & straightforward. Love it. Before this I never really used analytics tools - this was a great intro to it, and made everything easy to understand. I'm about to cross 1000 unique page views, and therefore the free tier - but I am happy to pay for this. Good luck!
@dijkstrah_ We're happy that you have you on board! We try to keep things as simple as it's now!
Looks promising! Will definitely give it a try with my next project What does your roadmap currently look like? @linstobias
@emilbruckner We are going to implement "Smart Actions" That will allow you to automatically send emails & webhooks on events. For example: - Send an email if a user starts creating a project but doesn't finish it - Send a webhook if a new user signs up - Send a push notification if a user didn't trigger an action for a week
@linstobias Exciting stuff May I through in a big feature request? 😛 Would be cool if they could handle more than if this then that cases, but let you build complete automation flows. I’m currently using https://www.autopilothq.com/ for that. I hate having to connect marketing automation tools, and since you keep building features for Splitbee, maybe it can one day truly do everything I need
@emilbruckner Indeed that would be great! We try to build is flexible enough!
I was able to test splitbee on my personal sites right from the beginning. Before that, I used netlify analytics which cost me around $10 a month. I canceled it after a month since at that point splitbee already had more features. Glad I could also assist with the landing page of this awesome project! Good Luck!
@laurids Thank you for being my early tester and for pimping the landing page!
I've used Splitbee for a few weeks and gotta be honest, it provides me with exactly the information I need in a useful form! I've always had difficulties handling all the clutter that google analytics and other tools brought with them. Didn't get around to do some Split Testing yet, but it seems really straightforward! Good Luck to the whole Team, excited to see whats coming next!