Tweet music! Turn your tweets into songs.

Spivay is a Twitter extension, which allows you to write music like in old Nokia's phones - by texting. There are several instruments - like piano, strings, drums and a couple more. And one more feature - collaboration. Tweet in reply to merge your melodies!

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Hey @nemanicka, Any chance you have a sound bit for us? I'm curious!
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@nemanicka @jacqvon I there may be an example on their Medium blog
@jacqvon Hi, there are example on Medium and on the video too, please, let me know if need smth else!
It looks very unique extension, I'll try it and I'm curious too :)
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This is so weird. 💕 cc @Damjanski
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@rrhoover yeah - nicely weird!
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Looks like a great product. However, the naming of video needs to be corrected. It isn't GAMA but GAME of THRONES INTRO, just saying that from a fan point of view.
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@natashasurii Great, thank you very much for the correction!
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Such a unique Idea. Tweeting is more fun now.
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