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Hi PH family! Thanks Kevin for hunting us :) I was looking to research the retail and fashion industry for a consulting project and I thought the best way to learn was podcasts. Nothing better than actually hearing experts talk about future, challenges and opportunities of the industry. I found lots of great podcasts but didn't have the time to listen to all of them. You cannot skim audio the way you can skim text. That is where the idea of "reading podcasts" came about. We worked over the weekends to create a simple tool that converted audio to text and had an editor to improve the transcription accuracy. We then hired 2 interns to create accurate transcripts. They were surprisingly, very productive - converted 50+ retail podcasts into text in just over a month ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I was able to understand the industry in a record time and the interns actually liked their boring job. Infact, they loved 'the tool' so much that they insisted we release it to others. So thank you Shivani and Sana, our bright young interns. ๐Ÿค— We all brainstormed the name for, ummmm, 2 minutes and came up with Spext! ๐Ÿ™‚ Main challenges for transcriptions are costs and time involved. We hope Spext helps reduce both over time and makes transcription a little less boring. Happy Spexting!
@_anupg Great idea. We just launched on PH a few days ago (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) and have a Speech Recognition API. Would be great to talk to see if we can help!
@_anupg Cool, had a similar problem and thought process recently and was looking at building this exact thing. What does your service provide over IBM's free Watson transcription "demo"?
@_anupg @rossdcurrie Great! It has an editor which is perfectly synced to the audio. It helps in achieving 100% accuracy. You can export in doc and rst format. And you have your own audio repository and its transcripts with you forever.
Added you to my curations and have a few questions: I see the free trial - how many minutes is that for? The copy on your site says it works with speech, podcasts and video but the trial page says "Upload your audio file" - what format do files need to be in? Will you be enabling purchasing credits rather than being on a monthly plan? What languages do you support? Does this work as a responsive website or will there be mobile apps developed? What platform are you building the speech to text feature off?
@krishnade Thanks Krishna! In free trial you can upload 4 audio file, Spext will convert first 4 mins of each. You can do both either upload the file, pick form dropbox or copy paste the link of audio file. It supports all the major audio/ video formats. Also it points out if the format is not supported. For credits we will surely look at it. Currently only English is supported, very soon other languages will be supported based on consumer demand. Spext is more like an editor, It works best on desktop browsers. Chrome and Safari are tested. We use mix of Google, Watson and our own deep learning models for Error correction and punctuations.
@ashu_trv Thanks for confirming

Loved using it


One of the best application to get transcript of any video files


None as of now. Very good accuracy. Ofcourse accuracy is something which can always be improved.

Will be using this for our upcoming podcast.
Hey there @_anupg @xerosanyam & @ashu_trv ๐Ÿ‘‹ Can you let us know a little more about Spext? What's the number 1 feature that we should all check out?
@xerosanyam @ashu_trv @ems_hodge Just added the story of how we started Spext below. I would love everyone to use the Spext editor to edit the demo podcast transcript we already have. We have lots of good ideas to improve the editor and would love for all of you to check it.