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It's nice to have a way to use SpeedTest that isn't overstuffed with ads! Netflix's fast.com has been my go-to recently since it loads so much quicker and is less visually-overwhelming, but it'll be nice having something so accessible in the menu bar. I'll definitely give it a try.
@willdages Wonderful, thanks for giving it a go!
@willdages +1 for Fast.com, but I do like the concept of having it on the menu bar.
if you're looking for a more detailed speed test I would consider checking out the sourceforge speedtest https://sourceforge.net/speedtest/
Now I'm just waiting for the ProductHunt tweet asking what everyone's speeds are...☺️ Nicely done product though! Simple, beautifully crafted, no need to signup or login, I'm a big fan.
@kevinguebert Thank you so much!
We have an appalling 1.2mbps speed which drops constantly due to our incredibly incompetent ISPs here in the UK, now I can constantly see it drop from the ease of my menu bar 😂
@mannyorduna Ease is the name of the game for this app. Enjoy!
I'm slightly obsessed with always checking my internet speed. Thanks for making it easier!
@michaelcjoseph You're very welcome