Apple's most favorite accessories are now here in space grey. Innovation.

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Apple: Let's change the mice color and charge $20 more.
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@inlinecoder i'm trying to figure out why someone would justify spending $20 more for the same functionality. i know why someone would buy this but I would love to hear their justification.
@inlinecoder @the_real_jw I just don't understand the Apple thought process here of charging more for the same thing… Must be courage. Apparently these came with the iMac Pro only and people were reselling these accessories for thousands of dollars on eBay… e.g.
#1 product of the day? That's a bit sad 🤔
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@prodibi_olivier I don't even know why it's on PH tbh... :(

OK nice...and?


Good design.


Stupid money.

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These look nice but they're no USB mechanical typewriter.
I wish they had made one of the smaller space grey keyboards!
@jmckinven I was thinking the same thing. If they do, then I'm getting a set.