Sourcecode by StdLib

A new way to share code and onboard developers

Introducing StdLib Sourcecode — onboard developers to your API ecosystem in seconds. Publish "serverless" code examples on StdLib, share with the community, and bring code into production without ever standing up a server.

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Keith HorwoodMakerPro@keithwhor · Founder and CEO at StdLib
Hey everyone! Really excited to share what the StdLib team has been busy at work on. StdLib Sourcecode is the result of a lot of love from the team to help make onboarding developers into API ecosystems easier. We leverage the latest and greatest in "serverless" compute to make sure you never have to worry about servers, infrastructure, nada. In fact - you just write functions, and they turn into scalable API endpoints. We hope you enjoy! Play around and let us know what you think.
Glenn Gillen@glenngillen · Investor in early stage devtool startups
Great job team! I’m going to have to go back through some of my blog posts and docs to see which bits I could drastically improve the UX on by using this 👏👏
SebiVaduvaHiring@sebivaduva ·
Awesome stuff!! - quick q: how easy is it to create my own sourcecode?
Keith HorwoodMakerPro@keithwhor · Founder and CEO at StdLib
@sebivaduva Super easy to create your own sourcecode :). We don't have a browser-based workflow for forking yet, but you can use our command line tools ( and `lib source:fork -s @slack/app -a @keith/slack-app` to fork (where -s is the source name and -a is the new alias).
Carlos Lei Santos@carlosleisantos · Founder @
Congratulations, this looks extremely good! But tell me, how easy is it to then share my own source code with other developers?
Keith HorwoodMakerPro@keithwhor · Founder and CEO at StdLib
@carlosleisantos haha, same steps as @sebivaduva -- you just run `lib source:draft ` or `lib source:publish` after configuring your sourcecode. :)