SoundCloud Pulse

A new official mobile app built for SoundCloud creators

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Hey everyone, Very excited to announce this today! I'm the Product Manager for SoundCloud Pulse. Today, we’re excited to share some big news: SoundCloud Pulse, our very first app just for creators, is now live for Android devices. SoundCloud Pulse is a companion to SoundCloud’s existing app and will enable creators to manage their accounts and keep their communities buzzing. iOS is in the works, but we didn't want to wait to start getting feedback on the app, so we launched the app on Android first. Happy to answer any questions. Cheers!
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Clean, clean, clean. And I like the separate app built for creators. Better focus on what's important to that audience.
@joshuapinter Thanks Joshua :)
Nice! Thank for keeping the focus on the content creators on your platform. Look forward to trying out the app.
Hey James, I'm not a creator but that looks great! Why do you allow creators to comment on the go but do not allow listeners to do it as well?
@the_minh Hey thanks for the question. Listeners can comment on tracks in our Android app. The lack of commenting on iOS is due to not having built it back into the app yet, rather than a decision being made to not allow commenting. Hope this helps.