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Sorted is a minimalistic, yet awesomely powerful day planner for the productivity obsessed.

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Hi All, I’m Leo, CEO of StaySorted, and the creator of Sorted. The app started out as a personal project of mine and grew into a bit of an obsession. I wanted a todo app that allowed me to schedule tasks without using clunky date pickers and be quick to update when my schedule changes. So a big focus of the app is on creative gestures that help me “get things done” quickly. Love to know your thoughts and answer any questions that you might have!
@iamkulio Shout out from Hong Kong. Been keeping an eye on this one. Great work!
@nzieber Hi Nick. Thanks for the shout out. We're based in Cyberport, so if you ever head in then let me buy you a drink. 👍
TechCrunch were kind enough to write about us last Friday -
I'm a sucker for todo list apps, I love Clear, and I live on my calendar. So this app looked like the dream. However, it doesn't include your existing calendar in its list, making it unusable for me. How can I schedule a task at 2pm without knowing if I'm free then? I suppose this might work for freelancers, but for anyone that uses a calendar this may not work. How are you guys thinking about that use case? EDIT: Just noticed you commented above that it's in the pipeline. Looking forward to it!
@daretorant Thanks for your feedback Salman. Yes, we have been getting a lot of users asking for calendar integration and so this is high on the priority list!
Awesome! Have been trying to find a better tool to replace my evernote to do list! Can't wait to check it out.
@cathnotey Thanks Cath. Look forward to your feedback! #StaySorted.
@philipamour Yes. I love Clear and have been their user for years now. I continue to use it to store things like what to pack when I take short business trips and ingredients for my favorite recipes. I use Sorted to plan and action my day. ;)