Studies have shown that ultra-productive people schedule their days to maximize success. Cause time is precious and all it takes is a little bit of planning to make the most of it.

Sorted³ has been crafted to make scheduling quick and easy. Try it for a few days and it may very well become a productive, yet enjoyable part of your day.

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Many task manager approaches are themselves a big 'task' to learn and use effectively. I've seen a lot of productivity gurus admit that they were more into the management of tasks using their tool of choice than they were into actually completing tasks. Sorted is different. It has a very specific mantra: schedule when a task should be completed to help ensure you get it done. Sorted even helps with this goal by showing you free spots in your daily calendar when you can put a task. You can then move tasks around or expand/compress how long you think they will take. Using this method, you set your priorities and then plow through your day with helpful reminders.

Sorted also has some very useful advanced features: A single task can have a checklist of sub-items (great for a quick grocery list). Tasks can have notes with styled text (headers, etc.). Tasks can be arranged into lists, list sub-categories, and marked with tags (these features are great for organizing and using Sorted for larger projects). There's even an "Auto Schedule" option which will look at your open tasks and place them in available slots throughout the day.

Whether you are looking for your first task manager because you have been struggling with the simplicity of Apple Reminders or if you feel that your current 3rd party task manager is just not working for you, try using Sorted 3 for two weeks. Since switching to Sorted months ago, my productivity has greatly improved. I don't think I would be as successful with any other tool. Version 3 takes this to an even higher level, and the devs are committed to continued releases and features.

Last note: Sorted 2 had both an iOS app and a Mac app. Sorted 3 is starting out as iOS only but the new version will also be coming to the Mac. This allows you to maximize your efficiency by getting reminders and managing your tasks on multiple devices.


Task management that doesn't get in the way. A simple but powerful interface that lets you add, rearrange, or mark your tasks complete.


If you've used Sorted 2, Sorted 3 is very similar but may take some time to get used to the new features. Be sure to use the in-app Guides.

Thanks for a great review. This answers most common questions that everyone is asking. We couldn't be here with all feedback from users like you. Thanks so much!!
Hi Product Hunters, We’re excited to release Sorted³ into the wild here on Product Hunt. Sorted³ helps users schedule their events, tasks, and notes together into a timeline that is super easy to update. Perfect for anyone who juggles different aspects of work and life. Our scheduling approach to time management has made us somewhat of a darling amongst people with ADHD and people juggling life and work in general. So far our beta testers and existing users are loving Sorted³ and we hope you will too. Cheers / Leo #StaySorted P.S. We have an extra little goodie for you all! Visit the link below to claim a special Product Hunt inspired app icon for Sorted³. P.P.S. The first 10 people to leave us a comment will receive a promo code to unlock Sorted³. We will send you the code via Product Hunt Chats.
@iamkulio What's new in this version compared to this?
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@abadesi Great question. Firstly, we rebuilt the entire app from the ground up with two goals: 1. Make Sorted³ more powerful by adding support for: - Folders / lists / tags - Full calendar event editing - New and powerful features such as Auto-Schedule - Support for rich formatted notes All of these were highly requested by Sorted 2 users and fitted well with where we wanted to take Sorted going forward. 2. At the same time make Sorted³ much easier to learn and use. All so we can help promote the practice of scheduling to more people.
@kastriok Thank you very much. That means a lot to us.
Any plans for a desktop/web based version of this?
@zee Yes. We've actually already begun work on Sorted³ for macOS. We'll be going back to work on that as soon as Sorted³ iOS launch madness subsides a bit.
@zee @iamkulio With a Mac version, that will be perfect! Planning on your laptop is part of my routine.
@cecilialeehs Roger that. Will work diligently right after launch madness. 👍
@zee @iamkulio any ballpark timeline you can share with us? would love to switch from Things 3 but won't be doing so just yet if it's looking like a 2019 type of release.
@zee @tanner_stephens It's always hard to estimate ETA on development. Rather not overpromise.
Hi Product Hunters! We're excited to debut Sorted³ to the Product Hunt community. It's been two years since the release of Sorted v1. We are so honored to have had so many users supporting us since day one. Some of our users tried and bought every task management apps available, and finally chose Sorted. I'm really honored to be part of this journey. We are ready to show you the redesigned product. Can't wait to hear what you think of Sorted³! Cheers / Harry #StaySorted P.S. If you want to learn more about Scheduling, please read our Productivity Guides, available inside the app and Medium (
@harryworld this has quickly become my favorite app! It’s the classic,”Why hasn’t anyone done this before? It’s so obvious!” <3 Sorted
@harryworld @charlesjo Thanks. We always wondered the same as we were building the various versions of Sorted.
Excited to try it out!
@francescod_ales Thanks. Look forward to hearing your feedback!