The world's smallest general-purpose computer

#2 Product of the DayOctober 16, 2015
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I think there is a problem with this product and it's timing. Smartphones are going towards of being a "general-purpose computer" even if they are or not connected to a desktop monitor (I'm looking at you Continuum for Windows 10)
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@johntheoak Your right. A phone would have been a better choice as a form factor.
@tristancelebi @johntheoak I think there's a market for streamer-like devices
@eisensteinyaron @johntheoak Lets say your right. Connecting the device with hdmi and power cabel every time. Come on, they could have made a wireless dock solution at least. Wouldnt you say?
@tristancelebi @johntheoak usb-c was a smart choice here. 'Wireless docking' isn't there yet. type-c is.
I was at the launch last night and the most interesting aspect to me, besides the wooden form factor, was the notion of an OS and UX specifically designed for social and collaborative activities. The challenge I think they face is how or why I would change my behavior and adopt a new computer. Imagine a Linux user, a Mac user, and a Windows user, maybe a team of developers or maybe a family, or just a single person. What is the use case (and benefit) that gets them to shift and leave their current platform? And how can they continue their existing behaviors that are important to them?
Hi @seanwhite ! It was a pleasure to have you there with us last night. You point out something which is very true and I believe it is common to all paradigm shifts. That is why we went for Kickstarter even though we have done almost all of the NREs involved in a project of this magnitude. It is a platform concentrating plenty of early adopters who are gadget enthusiasts and perhaps also young entrepreneurs. We saw it as a continuation of our 'under the radar' focus groups in incubators and co-working spaces on both sides of the Atlantic. If we can create a beachhead among, let's say, young web startup entrepreneurs who are also the app developers, we can make ourselves strong there and try to cross the chasm building upon education, IoT, enterprise, etc.
Stunning concept! Current machines are so fragmented, jumping from iOS to Mac to tvOS to WatchOS is pure madness. It's amazing that someone took the situation seriously. I also agree with the fact that app market should change. A subscription makes perfect sense. Of course, they have to polish the edges, but the overall idea will change the game. ​
Thank you @denull ! As long as there are enthusiastic people like you we promise to keep on going, working hard and listening to all suggestions.
Tim Cook said OS X and iOS will not converge... well, if that's the case there will be disruption ahead within 5 years.
Its time we thought beyond iPhones and iMacs.