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#5 Product of the WeekMay 04, 2016
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Thanks for pulling this resource together and including Aha! in the roadmap section. We have been fortunate to be included in a few lists like yours and that has helped us grow to serve over 50,000 users in about three years. It has been an amazing adventure. We do serve many of the world's best known companies as you suggest, but we also serve a ton of small and mid-sized companies too. You can check out about 75 of their stories here: And if you are interested it taking a look at our broad set of product management capabilities (beyond visual roadmaps) you can quickly view screenshots here: Thanks again and we wish you the best with Praber.
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@bdehaaff Thank you Brian for creating such a useful tool! :) Maybe I will include a Case Study link for the resources to help people understand how people use the tools. I would love to have the Lean Roadmap template. :)
Previously you did the content marketing stack (congrats!) What 'qualifies' you to do this stack? Are these a personal curation from your experience or crowdsourced from others?
@bentossell Thanks Ben! As Michael Wolfe wrote: "You may want to take some courses, read some books, or go to some conferences along the way, but only to the extent that they actually make you better, not as a credential in their own right. Don't worry about credentials that certify that you are good. Work on actually *being* good." I have an experience of 5 years in Software Product Management. During this time, I have continued to read books in the field (you can find links to my summaries within the Stack). This collection is a list of resources that I have personally studied or are in my Read List and made me improve my Skills. The process of picking the books I choose to read is kind of long. I want to invest some time before actually starting a book that is 500+ pages. The process takes into consideration many sources: University Courses from the Top Universities, suggestions from "influential" Software Product Managers, reviews around the Web and, last but not least, Product Hunt. Of course I'm open to adding new resources to the stack, but I want to focus on quality rather than quantity. Each resource add something very specific to the great picture. If you think something is missing or wrong, click on "Suggest" in the footer. :) I hope the the PH community will find this useful. Best, Nicolas :)
@nicolasegosum love that quote! Will def check this stack out!
As someone who's just moved into product management, this is very helpful! Much thanks :)
@mollvsc Thanks Vince! :D Let me know if everything is clearly organized and easy to follow. You are exactly the type of person I have created it for.
Thank you @nicolasegosum for making this great tool. Just discovered "Hooked" by Nir Eyal under the product strategy category. Going to go pick it up today.
@_guled_ Cool! @nireyal's Hooked I think is must read for any Product Manager. I have also published a summary on the Stack (if you can read my handwriting :p)
@kzograf Thanks Kalina! 😻 Have you found it useful?