Social Games in Slack

Polly brings your WFH team together with interactive games

Feeling socially distant? Polly’s Social Games help bring your remote team together for live, real-time games. Play trivia, vote for who’s got the best emoji game in an interactive employee awards show, or debate over a random Hot Take, all in Slack.
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Hey Product Hunt, we're excited to show our new social games product here today! From the beginning, Polly has been used to run fun polls amongst peers. Given that teams are spending more time on Slack than ever before, we decided to harness some of that fun and make games that really let you kick back with your team. Today we’re launching three social gaming products: 🧠 Trivia: play in teams or every person for themselves across dozens of categories like WWE, 90s Movies, Music from the 80s, cats, and even geometry! 🏆 Employee Awards Game Show: Most likely to get photobombed by a pet during a call? Who’s got the best virtual background on Zoom? Best Emoji Game? Vote and play in an interactive game in Slack across a number of award categories. 🔥 Hot Takes: Debate whether Adam Sandler movies are actually good, or whether pineapple belongs on pizza. Have Polly inject a random Hot Take to spark a conversation. To help teams stay connected as they adapt to remote work, we’re also offering the following promos: • To the PH community, we’re granting 25% off to the first 100 PH users on any one of our annual plans. Use code POLLY_PH_SOCIAL_25 • EDUs and NPs: we’ll be giving you our Social Games away for free for the next 3 months, and offering a 75% discount thereafter • For those new to remote work, we’ve partnered with Slack to offer Polly users a 25% discount off eligible upgrades of Slack for 12 months (offer expires April 30, 2020) Looking forward to hearing from the community and the Polly user base!
@bmajz love the idea of hot takes! Are the questions crowd sourced?
@liveink not at the moment, but we definitely want to introduce community everything soon! Hot takes, trivia and awards packs -- the works!
We've used Polly on our team since the early days to manage our remote team. I got a sneak peek at this tool and I'm pretty excited to try this out with our team. Obviously the games are particularly useful during Covid lockdowns, but naturally people are going to love playing these games to improve culture and team dynamics in the hybrid-remote world we're quickly adapting to.
@ashbhoopathy Thanks for hunting Ash! 🙏
We just did a WFH remote trivia game with the team. Wish we had this. Now we'll be able to use it next time around. Great stuff polly team!
@danreich yeah we found a lot of our customers were hacking trivia into the existing Polly interface, so it made sense to serve those better
Love this, especially when we are trying to find different ways to connect with the team during this crazy time. Of course the games will also help us de-stress and take our minds off the crazy for a bit. 🤪 You guys rock! Thanks!! 💘
@tracey_zimmerman Thank YOU to our User Numero Uno!
WFH Pulse Surveys are a life saver. Even for a small team of < 50 devs it's hard to get a pulse on everyone and direct your attention where it's needed. I see this becoming an indispensable tool for keeping our teams motivated and energized.
@abbas_yousafzai1 we've been hearing that a ton, especially lately. Someone from our team penned a write-up on questions you should be asking your team in a pulse survey: You can do that with Polly (of course, all in Slack). Our pulse surveys are a single click in Slack, delivered via DM or in channel. We typically see a 30-100% jump in participation when teams switch from email based pulsing to Polly.