I'm our personal assistant to get in control of social anxiety and build a more confident, happier you.

I was designed by psychiatrist Dr. Jose Hamilton using the latest scientific research on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and crafted by a super tech team to deliver a fun and engaging experience.

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First of all, thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us! We're stoked to be on PH! @jose_hamilton and I started Youper based on the notion that the single biggest indicator of long-term health and happiness is social connection. Everyone has the potential to connect, but it can get blocked by inner barriers, like doubt, fear, and anxiety. We're driven to empower people everywhere to overcome those barriers and unleash their confidence to connect better. At Youper, we envision a happier world with more authentic human connections, so it's our mission to unleash the confidence inside everyone to build meaningful relationships and live happier lives. Technology has a great potential to help the massive number of people globally that aren't getting adequate (or any) mental health assistance. We've worked tirelessly to offer a lean, attractive product that is fun for users and delivers science-based effectiveness. Leave your questions below and we'd be happy to answer them.
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Downloaded the app, all the texts in the app were placeholders. I like the idea though!
@valentinprgnd Thanks for bringing this to our attention Valentin! We'll fix this issue asap, meanwhile, could you send a screenshot of the screen with placeholders to hello@youper.co?
Building confidence and meaningful relationships can be just like climbing a challenging mountain, it requires time and dedication to reach the summit. We created Youper to be your guide and the backpack full of tools that ensure you reach your destination! Whatever your challenge is – giving presentations, meeting new people, doing interviews, or flirting with someone – Youper will be by your side to support your success.
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