Snowball Money

Smart crypto portfolio investing for everyone ❄️

Snowball is revolutionizing the way people invest in cryptocurrency by offering one, safe, easy-to-use place to invest in tax-optimized crypto portfolios or "bundles" that pay you interest.
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52 Reviews4.8/5
Snowball is a huge step forward in making crypto investment accessible to everyone! So thrilled to support this product and see it become the huge success it deserves to be! Congrats to the team and all the amazing hard work they have put into this!
@dflanegan Thank you for being a part of our journey!!!
@dflanegan You are a legend Dan and we honor you for being the product brilliance behind us. Your efforts have been world class and I can't wait to see what we are able to do together!
Nice Idea - great product!
@vladimir_seferov Thanks Vladimir! Appreciate the feedback. Any feedback on features you'd like to see us build in the future?
Great product, now there is no need to worry about your investment, just let the professionals do their work!
@andrey_livshits Thank you for your support!! We highly appreciate it!
I am already looking forward when Snowball will launch in Austria
@raphael_orou Thanks! We are happy to know that people are waiting for Snowball in their countries and working to make this happen!
I love the UI, it’s very intuitive. The account verification process wasn’t painful as in many apps. Will definitely use it for my cryptocurrency investments.
@verayakymenko Thanks for your feedback and support!! We will be happy to have you as a user of Snowball!
Love that people and families like mine and where we come from can still thrive in the cryptocurrency market and learn the basics to investing through a very user friendly app.
@giano_pace Thanks Giano. Investing in crypto is very risky. Wishing you luck.
Hall of Fame Crypto currency app
Snowball is the most user friendly app in the whole crypto space. Not only it is super intuitive to navigate and very transparent, it actually works and brings higher returns than investing in one crypto. Love the tax optimization feature! Bring it on snowball! 💪🤓
I used to be scared of investing on crypto so I never took the chance to do it. “Scared money makes no-money” but now with Snowball I found a way to trust my investment and my friends love it too. Amazing team and overall 5/5
@davis_abanto Thank you for your support! We really appreciate it. Any feedback on features you'd like to see us build in the future?
Neat approach and an amazing step contributing to enlarge cryptocurrency adoption! with so many launches occurring so often these days, not a lot of products get me excited, but this one definitely does! Always been a huge fan @jason_stone
@jason_stone @dor_gorel Great to hear you're a fan of Jason! What features would you like to see added to the platform? :)
"Simple" and "crypto" used in the same sentence!? FINALLY!! THANK YOU SNOWBALLERS!!
@evan_trevers Thank you for your support Evan! We really appreciate it 🙏
Love to see that this product is being used in service Of humanity ! Love the product and the founders !! Also helps I’ve gotten a 15% return ! To life !
@fernando_mrfjv_valencia So glad to read such a positive feedback. Much appreciated!
Really loving this, incredible UI and UX from beginning to end. Any plans to bring some sort of widget to the iOS widget area @whoisparul?
Been using the beta version for a few months... and it’s incredibly simple to set up and use...wanna thank Jason from Millionaire Mentor for introducing this product into my life from his Instagram page! Changing lives daily! Very grateful! 🙌🏻😁
@goofymer Thanks for being a Beta tester and for your great feedback! We really appreciate this and wish you success with your crypto investments!
@goofymer Investing is very risky. Wishing you luck!
beta tested the app and it was amazing!
@louis_raskin1 So were the beta testers.
I’ve been a snowball user since beta and I have enjoyed using it ever since, I invest in crypto on a consistent basis and Snowball gets the job done by diversifying my portfolio in the most efficient and innovative way. I strongly recommend using Snowball if you want to invest in crypto the smart way!
@jean_paul_castellanos Thanks for sharing, Jean. Wishing you success!
Clean & quick app to easily widen my investment scope. Cheers!
@andral_hagos brilliant! Let us know what features you’d like us to add next 😊
Canada please!!!
This app is absolutely thrusting the crypto scene straight into the game! Easy to use, I found customer service was on their A-game in the Beta too. Definitely proud to be a part of this!