Snow Rush Winter Game

Help Snowman pick the gifts to lift every marketer's spirit

Winter is a busy season in the magic forest. The snowman is in a rush to prepare holiday gifts for all the marketers out there. Would be easier if he knew a thing or two about marketing! Help him pick the right gifts, and if he’s impressed with your work, he may treat you to a special present!

Have fun and good luck!

Greeting, hunters! What do you do when you love marketing, presents and some genuine holiday fun? 😃 Well, we create games (remember, last year's SEO Santa's Toy Factory that we also featured on PH?). This year, you can go all in on a cute little runner called Snow Rush Winter Game - a game where you cannot really lose, but if you win - like, big time - you can expect some coolest goodies. Not to reveal all the secrets, but you'll be pleased whether you're a tech aficionado or just a sweet tooth 😉 Have fun and let us know how you're doing with the game. Good luck!