Open source on-boarding bot for conversational apps

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We have a bot like this for Jobr within our layer in-app chat. When you sign up you get a message from a career concierge. If you ask a question you get a human reply. This is also great for re-engagement because we can send a push to certain sets of users (if something relevant comes up).
Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
This is an interesting experiment — will a Slackbot-like onboarding process improve retention and conversion? One way to find out right? Nice work @gozmike!
Mike Gozzo
Co-Founder & CTO at
@chrismessina Thanks Chris! We built SmoochBot entirely using our platform's public APIs and it was a joy to work on. So far, we're seeing about 8% lift on completion of our onboarding and we're collecting better, more useful, data on who are signups are and what they're building. If you'd like to build a similar experience for your web/mobile/whatever app check out our platform and stay tuned to our blog for info on how to build this kind of thing yourself!
Pulkit Agrawal
CEO @trychameleon for user onboarding
@chrismessina @gozmike we're moving towards more conversational products because users are tired of seeing static interfaces that are generic and not specific to them. I think conversational apps are the precursor to really advanced dynamic and contextual interfaces. Until we get good at building those, products will ride on conversational products (which are in essence dynamic and contextual interfaces!)
If you want to build your own bot I've posted an article that details how this works: and I've also posted a sample bot implementation on Github that you can easily deploy to Heroku: Happy hacking!
Andreas Mitschke
I own a computer
@alavers thank you - checking out the git.
Kumar Thangudu
@blaurenceclark this is worth checking out.
Really interesting, i ll give it a try 😄
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