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Make your software ready for WhatsApp today with Smooch — your turnkey WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. The world’s biggest enterprise companies rely on Smooch to connect them to WhatsApp and other popular messaging channels.

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Hi Everyone! Today, WhatsApp launched an early access program for the WhatsApp business solution - the first business messaging channel to connect to over 1.5 billion monthly active users around the world while also guaranteeing the privacy of user data through strong end-to-end encryption. We’ve been working with the team at WhatsApp to make connecting your software to their platform as quick and easy as possible. All Smooch-connected customer experience platforms will be ready to support businesses on the channel as soon as those brands are approved by WhatsApp. If you're not building on yet, take a look at our website to learn more about how we made it dead simple for brands and software makers around the world to power conversations on this new medium. Mike xo
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@gozmike exciting stuff! The other shoe is finally about to drop! Where are you seeing/anticipate the highest interest in this geographically?
@chrismessina it's really global right now - it feels like businesses around the world are expressing strong interest in using the platform - particularly brands that have any significant degree of activity outside of the US.
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This is great. I use the WA Business and I love it for my foreign clients. Smooch connection? That just makes my day.
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Exciting stuff.
Will this eventually be available through the Smooch partner integrations?
@boogsau It already is! If you are a brand that has been approved for the WhatsApp API early access program, you can use Smooch to connect any software that integrates with the platform to WhatsApp.
tell me more benefut about this product