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Hey Folks! At, we're making it dead simple to message your customers anywhere they want to communicate with you, using whatever software you're already using today to run your business. With this new integration, we've brought much of the rich, interactive messaging functionality available on Messenger to Slack, Front, HipChat, Help Scout, Zendesk and even your own bots, apps and tools through our API. If you're already a user (thank you!) you can simply turn this feature on from your dashboard. If you're not, then sign up and enable it- it only takes a minute. Once you do, you'll be able to use every tool in your arsenal to communicate with your users on Messenger as well as on the ever-growing list of messaging channels that we support. We're still working on this integration and the messenger platform itself is still in beta, but the experience is quite good now and it's ready for you to try! As always, would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, hit me up! Mike
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@gozmike I've been upgrading #EstherBot, my personal resume, using the new @smoochlabs Messenger integration and it's awesome! My two favorite changes so far: 1) chat is instantaneous: whatever you did on the backend sped my bot up to be able to chat in absolute real-time... no more delay. 2) structured messages: I'm loving the ability to add in links and images using the native Messenger format I'm excited to dig in more. For anyone who wants to try what I've implemented using Smooch just say BOT to Esther
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@gozmike congrats on the launch!
@chrismessina @gozmike yes, congrats Mike and team! very nice integration
@gozmike huge improvement. Nice work @smoochlabs team!
@gozmike great job guys. Another amazing product made in Montreal!
I’ve been using Smooch for a small SaaS biz ( and at this point it’s the core engagement driver on most of my pages. I’ve experienced the power of conversational commerce in a previous venture but have been surprised and delighted by Smooch’s platform. It’s seamless to integrate and pretty straightforward to work with for custom use cases. Way to go, guys! This is a huge addition to an already stellar product!
@eyaltoledano Thanks! Smooch is a great way to drive user engagement and build better customer relationships through messaging. Our mission is to deliver and enrich messaging experiences for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporation. That's why we've made it dead simple to get started quickly, but also just as simple to scale your messaging strategy or change which apps you reply from as your needs evolve. We think that Facebook Messenger is a killer addition to our large growing list of supported messaging channels.
@eyaltoledano conversational commerce is not scalable. It is a great customer success and engagement builder, but that is about any chat interaction, though this adds mobile friendliness to it. But all those conversational interface based ecommerce products die for a reason - people do want control, speed and ease of use. Dialogues are not easy, are not fast and the only positive trade-off is an emotional involvement which people do not necessary want whilst shopping. It's a tech fad far from real usability good for demos and not conversion driven products.
This looks very promising in the little I have played with it. I have been looking for a flexible free tier that is similar to something like Intercom, and this looks like it could be just the ticket!
We've switched from several Gmail accounts to Front, which unified our messaging and helps us to communicate with our customers in a coherent way — since we can add comments to discuss a customer inquiry right in the conversation, and assign it to the most suitable person in our organization, we can provide better support. Always happy to hear about new features and integrations, since we've joined there have been numerous additions to the product! Keep up the great work!
@gozmike very nice integration, Been using and loving smooch!