Identify and learn about any object, instantly, using AI

Using machine learning, SmartLens instantly identifies what you're looking at and delivers proactive suggestions for what you might want to do next.

If SmartLens recognizes a product, it will enable you to buy it in one tap. If it identifies an animal, landmark, food, or painting, it will show you a Wikipedia description.

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Congrats on launching and being covered by TechCrunch, @michaelroyzen 🚀 Interesting apps coming up in this space (something similar launched today too) 👀 What are your long term goals for the app? Do you see yourself being acquired by the Google Lens team? 🤔
@amrith Thank you. My long-term goal is to continue improving SmartLens and ensure that it remains faster and more accurate than its competitors. I can't comment on acquisitions :)
Cool, congratulations. What technologies do you use in the app?
@bitrewards Thank you. SmartLens is powered by our proprietary deep learning technology.
It's like Not Hotdog, but more useful.
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! Glad you think so.