Smart Create by OFFEO

Generate hundreds of animated designs with a single image.

Smart Create speeds up the marketing team's creative process by generating designs in different styles and inspirations based on their product so that they can make a coordinated decision immediately.
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36 Reviews5.0/5
I tried many video creators in the past years - Since I found OFFEO, I don't want to get another one. It's the best video creator. This new feature Smart create is just amazing! It creates video in a sec and they are converting like crazy. Way to go awesome OFFEO team!
Thank you! @sabdigitalwitch I am glad it helps
Just try your best on it
Above all else, Offeo are a great team! They seem to be designers first and then offer a great service. Last of all they are a SaaS company. I think the designs speak for themselves. If you don't like what you can create with Offeo, I'm not sure who could help you? It's a slick app. A responsive company. And they seem to actually care about what they do. I wish all SaaS companies were like this. They are also pretty great at being innovative. Even with the Smart versions feature you can taste that it isn't just some random variations of layouts and colours. It's themed. Each design has a mood. They're very definite statements of art. Most elements are humanly balanced. It's not just formulaic. I prayer that they keep going from strength to strength and never lose their mojo.
@peterbuick Thank you for your detailed comment. Truly appreciate it. it means a lot to us
I have used a few video editors and found OFFEO a very simple, easy, practical and affordable for a new developer like me. Thanks OFFEO. Thanks for being there.
Awesome app and fantastic creative OFFEO team.
Massive time saver! This feature will make template selection so much easier, as you have proof of concept before putting any work in. Well done guys!