Smart Buckle

Convert your classic watch into a Smart Watch

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Amazing product :)
check out our video here.. we hope you love Smart Buckle
@lexi2017 that's actually a pretty great product idea. I hope it takes off and you guys have a hit in it. Shame it doesn't have a heart monitor; perhaps compromising estate? Anyway, great idea.
@lyondhur thank you for the kind words we really appreciate it! actually not included heart monitor in this version was more of a design decision - we see one of the main benefits of Smart Buckle that it fits seamlessly into your life with a quick set up, long battery and easy navigation. As this next generation of wearable technology becomes more widely adopted we then see the opportunity to add additional technology and features. We have some more announcements coming around next generations of the buckle and look forward to hearing what you think!
@lexi2017 It will be my pleasure Alexei.
Great idea! There are fashion smart watches out there, but swapping out just the buckle is a great advantage in flexibility (for upgrades, for keeping the watch that you already have). Good luck!
@ryanrdonnelly thank you, you got it! for many people watches have huge emotional significance - we want Smart buckle to represent a logical evolution of the lineage of the timepiece - your classic watch, smarter. thanks and best wishes!
making it water proof